Labor of love

So far in this year’s journey, your #labor and leadership have been accomplished with godly wisdom, patience, an outpouring of joy and enduring peace. Take this special time to rest.  Appreciate your family, friends, and diligent effort to stay the purposeful course. Your passionate focus will continue to impact others and give them the encouragement needed to fulfill their destiny in the new season ahead. Your unique labor of love shines bright!

Equally, the honor you give to relaxing and being free from anxiety underlines your quality as a leader who values the importance of allowing yourself and your team time to enjoy rest from labor. Too often we realize our need to break away and retreat only after the workplace pressures have wrongly influenced our spirit and mind. Tired bodies can feel the neglect of more balanced moments. How subtle the attachments of the cares of the world. 

Today, passionately focus on this leisurely pause.  Lean into your moment of sweet solitude.  Don’t get lost in the rush of messages pressing to take away your precious time.  Live a healthy and well-rested Life Today! #ejencalarde #livelifetoday #lifecoaching

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Eugenie Encalarde