A word that can disperse an audience quicker than yelling fire in a crowded room. Such a heavy, daunting word. To some, its the equivalent of smothering. To others, it resembles a safe place where access is given with a combination that unlocks best-kept secrets. Commitment can determine your joy. It can define your pain. Commitment unites joy or pain. Consider the mere thought of attaching yourself by a word spoken or agreement written.

Why do we hold it so lightly when our character is integrated so tightly in its truthfulness or its deceit? I am wrecked knowing how many commitments I didn’t keep and, in that wilderness time, truly sorry those vows held no conviction in my heart. What are my values? When I say I will meet you and I’m late. Or when I decide to join a club, and don’t show up for the meetings. Commitments are broken everyday in the blink of an eye yet we keep making them. Is it because we are so reliant on the forgiveness and mercy of whoever is connected to the promise? Or is it because we hold no true value in our agreement and belief that our yes is amen?

Now, relationship ties. In the very early years of my work career, I didn’t have long committed work relationships. My personal relationships weren’t very well connected either. My shallow response was “It just never worked out.” But now a wiser and more motivated-to-be-transparent adult, I know why my relationship commitments didn’t work out. Being internally delivered, in many coaching and therapy sessions, I know now that back then I never fully stopped to rightly consider the terms I was adjoining to. I had relinquished the accountability to ensure the commitment was fully and openly discussed, and inwardly and outwardly agreed upon. Why not? The less transformed me didn’t want differing opinions because it smudged the picture I had painted in my mind. Oh, those limited beliefs. Where prideful perspectives conjure up assumptions without considering its impact on others. Where was my spiritual strength and character during those nomadic seasons. Asleep I guess..

Let’s explore our commitment to our work. The works of our anointed hands. Staying true to the union of our uniqueness. How refreshing to realize our power of impact in the workplace when we are committed. Loyalty to others through our quality of work. The awesome dedication to our purpose, and who we’re purposed for. Daily committed motivation that beats like a strong heart pumping fresh creativity. Commitment running through our veins expressing we are feeling alive and full of joy because our work has meaning. We mean what we say. We do what we say we’re going to do. We’re there on time because we know others are depending on our commitment to be present. We don’t haphazardly cancel meetings because the commitment to meet has a purpose. Time after time exceeding the benchmark, heading for destiny’s mark.

Commitment is connected to agape love. Through joy and pain, the strength of a committed relationship rides two-seater with committed love. We begin the relationship with a breathless and blind trust underwritten by faith in God - the master of commitment. A bidding to come closer. A commitment that represents a sort-of hand holding that will raise an expression of feat. This union can now endure a tsunami of life experiences.

What do we look to resolve if commitment is a struggle? I believe when we have a difficult time committing, there may be an area in our life that’s been hardened. A place where we have inserted conditions causing a stressed thread of resistance. Dig deeper. Dig in. Look at where the wiles of this world might have made its impression in your soul. Get to the root of what commitment means to you. Remove any destructive commitments to cynicism, bitterness, rejection. Ask God to forgive you and replace those things with a transformative commitment to unconditional love. 

It is only when you do this that you’ll have to key to understanding our commitments personally and professionally should be made with grace and mercy. Then your commitment will include your whole heart, mind and soul. And isn’t that the way we should Live Life Today? 

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