“EJ is a bright light that brings a balanced, grounded energy to the projects that engage her expertise. She is a consummate professional, extremely patient and listens to her client and staff needs. I learned invaluable lessons working along aside EJ in the beginning of my career,
that have shaped my business acumen and organizational skills. She is an executive that not only cares about the bottom line and the operation side of running a business but gives back to her community and has built her career managing a business holistically.”
— Gina Charbonnet, Principle, GeChar, INC

EJ has an eye for detail. She is a woman of action, and has a way of listening, knowing exactly what to say when the opportune moment is provided. EJ is in my village of people that I can depend on for sound guidance and wisdom.
— Lauren Perry, Executive Director

EJ brought clarity at a very cloudy time in my life. She reminded me that the battle against evil was not mine to fight; instead I have a responsibility to treat people well.
— Jude T. Haney, Academic Professor

The World Class Team Builder coaching class principles helped me to learned how to be balanced in my leadership approach with staff. Specifically, I will create a culture of inclusiveness.
— Lee Gilyot, Logistics Manager

EJ has been an inspiration to me on many levels. I enjoy her consultations as she has helped me decide to pursue an a vision and take my career to the next level. EJ has coached me on how to refine my thoughts and advance in my life’s journey.
— Michael J. Fortune, Celebrity Hair Stylist

EJ’s ability to actively listen to concerns and ideas, and intentionally reflect to find the best possible solution is a skill and a gift I have kept with me over the years.
— Angelique Dyer, Marketing Specialist

EJ played the role of citizen diplomat by extending friendship, knowledge, and culture to international guests. The New Orleans Citizen Diplomacy Council is grateful for the time and expertise you offered, and we look forward to working with you again.
— Emily Ramirez Hernandez, Program Coordinator
EJ just knew how to help my business go to the next level. I struggled with communicating effectively. She strategically showed me where my mistakes were. The steps given were tailored for me. EJ takes her time to develop your skill in preparation for a brighter future. I am thankful for her many ideas and wisdom. It’s taking my business and personal growth to the next level.
— Christina Pappion, Professional Artist