Take comfort in the new. Usually we are comfortable in remembering past victories or reliving close personal memories, but today I believe we are to take comfort in what’s ahead of us. I’m not talking about what’s happening in world issues. I’m talking about our sit down moment, focusing on our personal destiny and life plan. Our purposeful desire to walk a joyful life full of friendships, meaningful conversations and healthy activities. Comforting and warm experiences that overflow when we reach out; comfort and encourage others. 

Take comfort in what’s truly meaningful at work. The diverse integration of multiple and wholesome conversations. The meaningful movement we produce by planning wondrous beneficial activities for others to enjoy and immerse their life in.  Comforting events that transform a generation’s thinking and entertaining projects that lift up expectations through godly spiritual awakenings. A comfortable embrace of forward thinking ideas and investments that make us smile. 

I see comfort swirling overhead, so near to us. I see a broth of soothing new memories being formed in our lives. Like vegetables in my chicken soup, I see individual and collective power comforting my soul. I have learned how to look ahead with hope and joy, not anxiety and apprehension. A healthy dose of so many tasty, creative ideas being realized. Bright and brilliant thoughts sitting in our cup of imagination. A warm bowl of hope. A refreshing bowl of worship. Bowl of thankfulness. How comforting!

Walk forward today in comfort. The achievements you will accomplish in this next season will bring you to a different kind of joy. You are embarking on a season of largess; a wide expanse of opportunity where your heart will choose good over evil. Great and godly intentions will triumph over wrong motives. Collective creativity will satisfy and bring wholeness where single isolated triumphs could not. Yes, we are rearranging relationships and meeting new people, entering new work engagements with diverse cohorts. Take comfort in what you’re seeing. God is up to great and comforting experiences for us. He is building up your knowledge of who he really is. What a wonderful season to know Christ. Your hearts are full of his glory, being led by his spirit, your comforter.  In his comfort, you will be comforted, and you will comfort others wherever you go. 

In your stillness time today, proceed with comfortable thoughts. 

Live Life in comfort Today!

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