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Hi, I’m EJ.  A producer, professional coach, consultant, management trainer, mentor to emerging and young adults, writer, and lover of altruistic initiatives.

I am a Transformation Coach.  I provide Executive Coaching, Millennial Coaching, Group and Team Building Coaching, and Project Coaching through guided Life & Work Coaching plans, Specialized Retreats, Group Sharing Workshops, and a one-of-a-kind Meditative Soaking class.  I empower people to live life beautifully.

I provide insight, strategies, and bring your goals and projects to a new level.  I am a New Orleans native in love with its charming architecture and style, a recognized business leader, event producer, and project management professional for nearly 30 years.  I impart wisdom and accountability through senior level experience and know-how.

Professionally and personally, a sacred scripture has threaded my life - - Acts 3: 1-6. "There was a temple gate called Beautiful, and a man laid at the gate lame from birth. Peter and John, who were disciples of Jesus, were walking toward the gate and the man asked them for money.  Peter said intently, look at us.  Silver and gold I do not have, but in the name of Jesus, walk." The crux of life -- to be made whole and live a Beautiful life.  I was on a similar search for wholeness, but looking at the wrong signpost.

The still voice in my head kept asking, "EJ, why are you positioned here?”  A wise coach once asked me, "Have you looked at it this way?"  Finally the lame parts of me were awakened by two things: hearing the right voice and discovering the decision-making power within me. That inner strength and radar -- His Divine eyesight -- gave me the humble determination to do pleasing things on this earth. Of course, I've missed it many times and, quite frankly, messed up.  There were good lessons learned even from those messes and it only helped to push better testimonies out of my life to help others.  I believe talents have been distributed to each of us.  What are your talents?

Working in the professional field, in project management, an event producer, human resource and organizational strategist, and founder / former executive director of a girls organization for 15 years, I look forward to sharing my knowledge and coaching you toward your new beginning. 

My coaching programs provide reflection and preparation for what to do next.  What is your next thing?  As an executive, what do you want?  Really want?  As a millennial, how do want to achieve it?  How are you going to get there?  As a transformer coach, I won’t win the goal for you, but I’ll get you into the game to know the projected outcome.  I can see your win. Of course, we all “get stuck.”  We can feel disconnected, and removed from the passion of our lives.  But guess what?  I have a toolbox - it’s your life kit! Using my customize coaching model, let’s DIG IN and not only get the sailboat; let’s learn about the open water.

Using my unique principles of a transformation coach, I have coached many executives and millennials on how to use a more successful method and course of action to get to the next stepping stone in their careers, lives, and project vision.

Live Life Today!

Wear mercy, kindness, and truth like a favorite cashmere sweater - let the warmth of those things identify you.
— EJ Encalarde
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