An achievement shouldn’t always be pictured in terms of a series of steps leading to some other place or position. It doesn’t have to be a skill performed that requires something in return. It doesn’t have to initiate another action or give access to another phase. Sometimes, an achievement is a simple task or act that is fuller and made more meaningful in its ability to stand on its own. There is no ambition in the achievement; no self-motive. No position of advantage. What exactly is your ambition to achieve? What is your immediate motivation or incentive?

I believe we should be cautious of the slippery slope of provocation.  Sometimes our enthusiasm to achieve isn’t as pure as we lead ourselves to believe.  Sometimes we can slip into “what’s in this for me if I achieve this?” or “how can this improve my position if I do that?” We become so accustomed to the next route or step that our purity of heart gets polluted by the lure of the world’s glittery ambitions. The shiny path is only a mirage. 

So, how can we head off this behavior? We can wash our mind and heart daily with stillness time in order to become more aware of the powerful simplicities of a single action being completed. One task being done simply from love. That’s right. Commitment to love. 

Love will let the recipient of our achievement receive the accolades - not us. Love will take the next step without us completing another action. In fact, we may never see the next phase because it could take place intrinsically and inwardly. I mean, to do something and not know it’s immediate and outward impact could be more powerful in lieu of the instant visual gratification we’re more familiar with. 

Let’s focus today on the achievements we’re pursuing and pinpoint our motivation.  Are we the conduit and channel through which love flows to others at work and in our personal relationships? May our motives remain pure and our actions simply stand for love.  Let’s call it our effortless achievement today.

I decree you are a channel for love, peace, joy, laughter, listening and sharing good knowledge. I decree that your effortless achievement will be your monumental achievement.  It will be your act of godly love. Live Life Today!

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