Your story

I want the next chapter of my life to have more joy than ever before. I want to more fully understand the days I wake up to. I long to more deeply know what God intends for me. Our books are open each day. Whether we’re still writing a story or beginning a new chapter, we should let the sentences have a lot of adjectives, commas, and exclamation points. It’s also okay to have spaces on the page where the background just lies there quietly resting. Conjunctions are awesome for connecting dreams.

Joy is the word I keep seeing in the next chapter. Intention and authenticity are the words joining to make a spoken word that outlines the meaning of our lives. Speak it clearly. No more vagueness for overthinking interpretation. Words like good, peace, love, full season, overflow, shine, laugh, hug, listen, release, breathe, and kindness come to mind. 

We are the glory. We are his glory that fills the earth. We must rejoice and be glad; so very glad. Our next chapter should be for each other. It should light up a room. 

I smile when I think of my dear friend. Her words in her chapter warmed my heart. Her chapters made me smile. They were inviting, and made me want to sit down and have a cup of coffee. Her chapters stopped extraneous noise with a lingering melody of hope and love. Each chapter was so different but filled with goodness and sweetness. I honor the book of Nancy Parker Boyd. I honor it’s cover, the crisp pages and beautiful threading that held it so masterfully together.

What’s in the chapter of your next story? Let it be bold, colorful, honorable, praiseworthy, true, noble, and memorable. Live Life fulfilling your chapter Today! #ejencalarde #livelifetoday #joy #pray #love

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