The nose of the plane is pointed for landing. The landscape ahead is beautiful. There is a wide landing strip and clear sky accommodating a smooth landing. Yes, there were choppy winds you went through but look ahead - - things are just pitch perfect for you to land. Smile and receive the comforting ease being given to you in this season. Glide into what you’ve been steering toward. Step out into your quiet place. A peaceful moment to soak in all that you’ve accomplished over this year. It seems that the past season has been difficult, and challenging.  In fact, it has.  But you’ve kept your course, stayed focused on the timing and target you’ve been working toward. Continue to keep steady as you touch down into the next season. It will mark a significant and stable grounding for the season of prosperity that’s right before you. Hear the sound of prosperity being propelled at life’s compass. Your in-flight work and life experiences have helped you see the expanse of a new momentum. Now you’re about to step out into a new time, new season.

I remember easier seasons. Do you? Years where every promise fell in a straight way on a smooth path. Though, some of those years kind of worried me. Not that I disrespected the favor. I was grateful at every turn of blessing that met me around the corner. It’s just that I saw my friends and coworkers going through their quiet challenges. I knew testing was normal, for in a believer’s ways, we know we are humbled and always saved by his hand. I also knew my season would approach where it would be my turn to produce a testimony. The word of our testimony is how we should all plan to live. Why? For in the trials, we expand our mindset and heart-set, and those we are meant to impact will see his glory on our life. Through this past season, in the workplace and personal trials, I have seen his glory. 

God is able to take you out of the midst of any turbulent season, and bring you to a safe landing when you trust him. Remember, landing is probably the most difficult  portion of the flight. It varies according to speed and overall performance. Not too fast; not too slow... Understanding the angles and turns and why you decide to make them are wise observations best decoded in stillness time.

I see the landing. I see the success of what I’ve been called to do and who I’ve been called to impact. Do you see your landing strip? Keep yourself pointed in the right direction. This is no time to stop in midair. Keep the engine running. Yes, you can take stillness time to relax and see the aerial vision of your project and plan. But keep the nose tilted toward the goal of your upward calling. Look at that luscious landscape you’ve been working toward! 

Keep your eyes looking forward and faith looking upward. It’s time for landing. Live Life landing Today!

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