Creative Resurgence

I see an outpouring of creativity and innovation. New ideas, unique business plans and teams, new workplace layouts and collaborative inter generational think tanks. A creative resurgence for the faithful ones. Joy created in the midst of chaos. Contentment conquered in the midst of constant change. Oh my, prayer in the workplace. Creative adaptation! 

A creative resurgence is taking place. Creative mindset to do amazing works with your hands. New focus and vision that burns in your heart keeping you on task. Creative work that will not be shaken or moved, progressing onward day by day. In step with your destiny.

Get out of the work rut or just feeling stuck. Get ready for a creative resurgence. There’s a deep well springing up for you today. The water gushing out is multi-colored like a rainbow. I recently discovered a full rainbow has a top and bottom arc. The top expresses all the promises you have. You know, things you’ve been dreaming about but afraid to speak or imagine. The bottom half expresses all the fulfillment of those promises. Step into the rainbow splash of this creative resurgence. Your creative voice, hands, mind and heart is springing up.

Come into the holy atmosphere of creative resurgence. Maybe there’s s project you’ve been desiring to do but felt it was too different. Too new. Too fresh. Or maybe there’s an opportunity to receive a new friendship that came by divine appointment. Now you must take the first creative step. A new job that’ll stretch you out of your comfort zone? Maybe it’ll stretch your skills and get you to cross over from complacent into uncomfortable? Let your creativity fill the gap. Or maybe you need to re-create a love relationship that needs a new creative journey. Creative confidence is at your door. open it!

Creative promise. Creative fulfillment. Begin the canvas for Living your creative Life Today!

My Prayer for you today:

i pray you step into your creative resurgence moment. Your creative voice will be heard. The spirit of God will lead you. Just be still and hear the sound of the well springing up. Your workplace is waiting for you to take a creative turn. Your relationships are creatively coming together. Divine assignments on the path to your destiny. I pray for your building blocks. A firm foundation to move forward into your creative resurgence.

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Eugenie Encalarde