True Worship

Let perfect love arise and decide what you need to turn around and take a stand on today.  You are a blended person and you bring ALL of YOU to the workplace. Let’s take a moment to Dig In and look deeply at some things, behaviors or relationships that have crept into your workplace unaware. What would you replace these idols with on the altar of your heart?

_Raw ambition


_Center stage presentations





_Gossip & grandstanding

_False humility

_Performance for approval

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God, I am humbled and wear my robe of righteousness today. I come up to sit with you today. To relax in your presence of peace. In the peace, my heart is full. I am filled with joy, peace and right living from your spirit. I renew my covenant with you in your presence today. I hear your words and have decided to follow you. I see you beckoning me and I will obey the signposts you have placed in front of me. There is such quality in the stepping stones you have placed before me. I am beaming with joy as you show me the prize set before me. My destiny is rich, so rich. With my whole heart and soul, I will love the people you have placed in my life. I will love the circumstances you have allowed me to encounter. I know there are lessons in all of them that are meant to strengthen my faith. I have developed a creative faith by the situations you have placed before me. I have discarded the ones that are dead and destructive. I have picked up the ones that have a future and will bring good success. I understand success may not be today but I will discipline my soulish desires to patiently receive the full success you have waiting for me. My destiny is not just for me but also for my legacy. I am humbled by the impact you will make working through me. Together we will remove wrong attachments. I turn to you and will see the fruit of your blessings in my workplace, and in my personal gatherings. 

Discipline is my mantra today. I am tightening my belt for the fuller experience. You have brought me full circle and now I am entering my new beginning. True worship at work, with friends, with family, wherever my feet are planted in this season.

Live a loving Life Today! 

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