Path of Joy

I welcome a new path of Joy! I decree I have a believing strength;  I have a steadfast focus on this new path that shows me I can achieve the goals I desire at work and within my personal friend and family circles. I can push through challenges and stumbling blocks because of the inner joy I have received on this new path.

It paved its way because I released all the mistakes I made for not genuinely applying myself for the tasks ahead. For the call I have been given - - I have forgiven and have been forgiven. I have let go of all mindsets that were not bringing me into the fullness of my skills for the job and career success I am destined to achieve. But now I acknowledge the grace And freely receive it to begin again with new truth and revelation on how I am to proceed on this new exciting path. I righteously explore the opportunities to connect with others on projects and objectives meant to bless them.

I am accelerating into sweet things from the Lord. Goodness and mercy is following me on this new path. I am receiving my all sufficient life and trust, knowing this is the path he intended for me.

I decree I have a new level of expectation and joy today. I have been restored in this season with a fresh joy that is now activated and anchored to my heart. I meditate on the harvest I am now receiving from my Father. Blessings that I decree will give me abundance with no sorrow.  This is the path that will show signposts of a bountiful career, prosperous family. I believe I am purposed to help other high potential professional individuals and teams express joy in the work they do and the relationships they are called to be aligned with. They will cultivate an inner expression of joy, and I will pour love and energy into their lives.

It is time to keep the cycle of joy that God has for us. I A lasting joy that underlies everything we do. Our new path will show us how not to get bogged down in dread. No, we will connect to the joy for it is a sign that we believe in an alive God. On this powerful path, we will have new expectation and a strength that others will see. We will rebuild and breakthrough with joy.

Let’s Live Joy Today, Living Life Today! 

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Eugenie Encalarde