Nothing’s changed. You are alive. Your dreams are filled with life. You will continue to grow strong and thrive. Don’t be fooled by the momentary silent season. The works of your hands are not dead, just dormant. Be still and wait quietly. Use this time to receive the wisdom I have stored up just for you. Each tree may look the same in the forest. But every one is different. Its marks have been cultivated through its personal circumstance. You are very healthy. There is nothing brittle about what you’re made to accomplish. Your mind is vibrant. You have not fallen off the mark of your destiny. I have my eye on you and your talents. I am watching over you. Let the raven rest at your door. Let wealth permeate your being. Wealth of mind, body and spirit. Take this strength and undergird those around you. Let them learn from your quiet strength. Let them see you in your season of timing. Rotten situations will not cause you to break. You bend in the healing of a fresh wind and will not break.  Let them hear your godly perspective of what makes a healthy joyous job. What makes a healthy joyous relationship. So much will be produced from what you’re made of. So much of what you do will be used for the prosperity of others. Let your manifold nature continue to mature. You are giving strategic shade to many that are watching your next step.

Your report - - Nothing’s changed. You are strong, alive and filled with abundant life. I see the life inside of you. Let the fruit of your labor have its perfect work. Coworkers and friends will be made stronger by your contribution. Live Life awakened Today! 

Today’s Decree: I am healthy. I am thankful for the times of refreshing when I can wait and watch. I am watching for my season of movement. I declare I am strengthened in the waiting. I have life made to be lived in its fullest. I decree a full life and I will fulfill my destiny as my season of movement approaches. I feel the energy rising while I receive my report of wellness and prosperity. Nothing has changed. I decree I am moving forward toward the fullness of my season and destiny. I am alive. I am loved with God’s care and provisions. The new and healthy life is my portion. I am thankful for the inner strength he is showing me.

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Eugenie Encalarde