Cut the Cord

You are steadying my hand to braid a new cord. An anointed three-fold cord of sufficiency, thankfulness, and joy. I cut the cord of wrong dependencies, past regrets, and lingering anxieties. I break free today and feel the open expanse of new possibilities. I unbraid wrong thoughts and destructive desires that became a knot in the pathway of my future. I let go of frayed promises and move into the true promises made for my assignment and purpose on this earth. I receive the healing of my heart able to breathe as the old cord has been broken. My new cord will be made with the strength of the Lord. His joy will coat my new cord and the shine will be the shellac that holds my righteous dreams in their rightful place. I cut the cord of past decisions. Today is being tied with new decisions that are moving me on my next stepping stone. 

The sun is shining today. I choose to face it. I will not turn my back on what beautiful plans lie ahead. I face the sun and arise looking beyond at my breaking forth. As I sit and meditate on my next step, I see a bright splash of living water bathing my work journey. I skip to the place where friends brighten my room of relationships. I look at my projects and the works of my hands and see how they drip with abundance impacting a community I was destined to serve. 

Swing and swing higher today with the new strong cord capable of holding you and all that you have been created for. Align with His word, and may your joy be full. Live Life with pleasures evermore Today! 

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Eugenie Encalarde