Baby Steps

BABY STEPS: You are in a new season. It’s wider and larger than you know. Ooh, baby! You are a new person in this season. Of course your identity and stronger character will need time to cultivate. You will think differently. Thankfully you will think with all the innocence, wonder and awe needed for this season of abundant learning. You must believe that God is able - - is all sufficient - - to do exceedingly, mightily above all that your new mind and mindset are able to imagine. 

Yes, you’re taking baby steps. But it’s OKAY. You’re OKAY. It’ll be okay. Let those fresh steps be taken with joy. Your learning during the remaining part of this year will be filled with smiles and, yes -some stumbles, but you’ll get back up and start again. Oh, and accept that hand reaching out to support you. It’s extended you get you to the next stepping stone of your journey. Remember: Jesus was ALL about relationships. He never discounted not one! Some he saw again on his road to the cross and some on his road to resurrection and power. Others will see you on your road to trials and challenges, but oh yes, they’ll also see you on your road to overcoming victory and straight up success. 

You are taking baby steps in this awesome season. I’m excited! Be excited. Your baby steps are somebody’s encouragement to dream. Your baby steps are a friend’s yes and amen. Your baby steps are a coworker’s chance to try again for that certification. Your step will jumpstart others to dig a little deeper to change that mindset. Process smarter to build that business brand.

Imagine the eyes of a baby! The smile of a baby! The comforting warmth of a baby! The beautiful feet of a baby! Baby, it’s your time to step out. Take that step. I’m holding out my hand. Take your step. Live Life baby fresh Today! 

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Eugenie Encalarde