Let God’s dreams be your dreams. Dream with a pure conscience. Think on all the good, noble, praiseworthy projects, tasks or jobs you’d like to accomplish. Let the purity of those thoughts raise up an idea that’s been burning in your spirit. Not an emotional desire, but a heart-felt spiritual yearning. Heart-felt ideas (those that fill others needs) will always draw you nearer to God; who I must say has the best dreams! 

Be wary of mindfulness that draws you away from God and centers on self. Those great desires are not what he has for us. Those ideas are temporary happy moments that will fade away until another happy one comes along. Fleeting and always falling flat. But the spiritually-minded dreams and ideas will rise above and fill others with joy. Yes, that’s the real test. Not self - - but others first! Servant leaders understand this type of mindfulness and mindset.

Remember your calling. If you don’t know what it is, I’ll be honored to guide you to it. We’ll put our faith to it and watch your life blossom. Your calling makes you want to sing out loud that you are “truly persuaded”! It’s a gift from God that stirs inside of you and puts a glow inside and out. Together we will knock down the walls of apprehension and timidity. We will powerfully love our way to the work that has your name on it. We will plan for your dream step by step, as a coach maven would do with her client. Look at the details and the big picture - a skill not every coach has. 

You see, I am not ashamed of my love for God. He took my life and did a 360 degree turn that catapulted me on a road of good success. Good success in life and in the workplace. I know and believe he moves me in and out of my purposeful seasons because I understand it’s all about his purpose. I share my lessons and skills with others because that’s what he designed me to do. I mentor and teach others because that’s what he’s called me to do. THE DREAMS HE HAS GIVEN YOU are meant to be shared and I will guide you on the path to doing just that.

Get ready for my newest class this fall, Raw Ambition. I’m extremely excited about it. His dreams are my dreams. We all start out as diamonds in the raw. But we are jewels. In this new class, I will share some of my hardest suffering in the workplace in order to show you the power of God in my life. My success seems like its performance-driven, but trust me... it was grace-driven. I will reveal process and sifting moments that I know will help you with your dream work. We produce and do work to see consequences. Let’s talk about the good and bad ones. 

Are you presently working on your dream with your heart and soul? Are you enduring? Have you been patient through setbacks, taking time to observe and gain insight on what God is saying to you in that situation? Or are you frantically running with your dream, panicked that it won’t be come to pass? Has your righteous ambition turned into unbridled ambition? Is the humble dream now a shrewd dream? Experiencing character growth? Are you still in alignment with the core values you set out with? What are you learning?

Faith is your anchor. Faith will allow you to stand on your particular mountain and shine your light. Trust me, when your mountain of victory (or trial) is removed and thrown in the societal sea; your faith with love is the only way you’ll safely get to your shore of success. Wishing won’t give you your dream. You have to LIVE your dream.  Prayerfully pave its way.

Tips today: Dream these words. ENDURANCE_FAITH_LOVE

Live Life dreaming God’s way Today! #ejencalarde #livelifetoday #lifecoaching

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