Fruitful Friendship

How are your friendships? I’m sure you heard that you’ll have many acquaintances, but few friendships. Once you’ve sifted through that difference, take time to identify whether your friendships are aligned as they should? 

A friendship isn’t an chance alignment. Friendships are divine gifts from God. They are refreshing and healthy. They are relationships where each person is fully committed to seeing the other established in their destiny. A friend understands the important of a godly covenant and vow. They will stand with their friend in challenging times and are sure to be there to celebrate in joyous times. 

Friendships are consistent. They’ve been planted in fertile loving rich soil with heart-felt expectations of abundant harvest for one another. Living and loving waters surround and soak their powerful pact. Even if a week or two (or even three) doesn’t allow for a face-to-face check-in, a friend is praying for the other wherever they are. Noting their request for a strengthening of faith in what they’re going through. A friend is virtually checking in to say a quick hello with an encouraging and thoughtful word knowing just when the other needs it.

The three-fold cord of joy, peace and righteousness reign strong in quality friendships. Each person understands they are there to keep the other accountable. Truth and trust are refreshing because it’s threaded in love and no matter how real it gets - laughter will arise to remind each other perfection only exists in the love God has for them.

Can you have a friendship in the workplace? The question I would ask once again is whether you understand relationship alignment and covenant. Friendships at the office are even more important because you are working together with the works of your hands so whatever you are sowing together, you will reap. Core values must be aligned. Purity of heart must be a collective desire of each workplace friendship. The power of two or more brings the presence and power of Christ in any board room and in any prayer for project success. Together you both can pull on the third heaven for protection and godly wisdom. 

Feel the rejuvenation and sweet taste of a healthy friendship. Hold on tight to the unique bond you’ve been privileged to nurture. Today pour into your rightly aligned covenant friendship. Live Life mutually attached Today! 

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Eugenie Encalarde