Renew Your Vows

I am thinking about the workplace. How many of you are ready to renew your vows? That’s right. Are you ready to renew your vow to work with passion rekindling the drive you had bubbling up so many years (or even a year!) ago. Passion wakes you up in the morning with a game plan. A plan that’s a game changer! A plan that gets your coworkers’ attention. Possibly one that raises an eyebrow. Passion makes you finish lunch early to get back to the work you were creating or developing. It has you waving at your friends as they rush off to eat at their favorite lunch hang while you smile at what you’ve just learned that’ll help you level up your professional excellence.

Renew your vow at work to be grateful to your boss. Yes; for the endless meetings where they rolled out such project detail that you walked away awestruck at how they put that deal together with such joy and energy. You can’t believe your boss called youBOSS and extended a mentoring opportunity others could only imagine. Renew your vow to your show gratitude with a lovely bouquet or box of silly socks that makes them release a much needed laugh after a grueling workweek.

Renew your vow to honor your coworkers with big smiles and firm handshakes helping them finish a task so they can get home early to enjoy the kids or hug their spouse. Honor them by taking on the extra clients (just because) so they can study for that killer certification exam.

Renew your vow to cherish your life, knowing its a gift that can keep on giving through mentoring and coaching new hires. Use your servant leadership skills to help get them settled in the saddle on their new work day. Cherish your life by loving the work opportunities you were given. Cherish your life by taking the scary step to live your dream by starting your own business. 

Vow not to miss a moment to celebrate a coworker’s life and let them know the office space is brighter because they occupy it. 

Renew your vows. Rededicate yourself to love, learning, and living a renewed Life Today! 


God, remove the film that has built up in my work life. Let me see the aisle to walk down so I can renew my vow of passion, curiosity, admiration and respect, support and consideration, and holding opportunities dear. I declare I will turn away from discouraging thoughts. I will crush disempowering conversations. Today I renew my vow to enjoy my life at work by refocusing on my purpose and destiny. I am made alive when my heart is stretched to dedicate the works of my hands to others. My life is sacred and I pledge a renewed commitment to let it shine and prosper. Today I make this promise! 

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Eugenie Encalarde