In addition to coaching, I’m a senior producer and project manager - - but guess what? Last night I got to enJOY myself and relax. We all need some satisfaction for the diverse roles we play. To my fellow NOLA team that worked the show- Golly! Congrats on a production well played!

Lessons learned from some of my big projects:

💫Take time to get your body back to its regular rhythm. The adrenaline rush will fade away; and you may feel like you hit a wall.

💫Quiet your spirit with stillness time to prevent overthinking; wrong thinking. You’ll want to record key lessons and observations.

💫Hydrate your body well. Water and decaf to dilute all the coffee and wine you’ve had during those late nights!

💫Support your team in all. Their challenges are your challenges. Their celebration is yours. Be a sufficient leader.

💫The joy of God will always be your strength. Know His whisper. Cling to it. 


Live an Increds Life Today! #ejencalarde

Eugenie Encalarde