When do we feel sufficient? What course in your life moves you into sufficiency? 

I saw many doors opening down a very long corridor. Each door opened to magnificent yet unusual scenes. As I sat quietly in my stillness time, I realized there was a connection revealed and a lesson learned. It appears to be a new revelation that I’d like to coach you through.

Just imagine the doors bringing you new opportunities today. You are in your new season. Yes, we have new seasons now beginning with new strength that we haven’t really imagined yet. For some, it may be challenging to believe because you’re being restored from a rough transition through this new year. We may have had to push through disappointments or personal struggles; coming to terms with eye-opening methods that should’ve been discarded long ago. Now we’re working to shed our old coats for newer more colorful vibrant (even more viable) ones. We might not have realized the new spiritual authority and power residing within us due to the mountains we’ve recently conquered. Sometimes unimaginable success requires a different strength that pulls us in order to see around the corner of prosperity. 

In my mind’s eye, as I walked down the long, clean corridor of gleaming white walls, I opened a door and saw heaps and heaps of golden grain. It smelled fresh and made me smile. The wonderful thought of abundance and bounty. I fall into the grain and know it’s confirming the harvest all of us have entered into. You must believe! Believe you are on the verge of reaping your harvest. Let the love you’ve cultivated throughout this textured season in the midst of personal battles and victories stir more energy and strength to build the destiny you desire. Own the losses. Forgive the mistakes. God places his best in your heart. Let his desires manifest a store house of power to help you achieve the good things you deserve just because he loves you. Yes, believe in the just because. That’s a big one! God desires you to have a glorious bountiful career, prosperous family, and a godly group of friends overflowing with love and energy. Let the grain pour into your life.

The next door across the hall opened to a large meadow of flowers. Glistening colors - - sparkling white, radiant yellow, and rich well-to-do pink flowers - - expressing prolific love. I felt a lightly floating cover of integrity fall on me confirming the approval of a job well done. The warring against a transitory season of doubt, compromise, and frustration was now ending and opulent joy was smiling directly my way! It can be overwhelming trying not to submit to murmuring and complaining creatures that hold no honor for the almighty creator. It can seem an insurmountable struggle not to succumb to regret and bitterness. But hope must push you forward. Hope must abound! Integrity is a great partner to faith. I feel we have done a bit of growing up in this room. In our past season. Acknowledge your growth today. Your character growth. Your spiritual growth. Your “works of your hands” growth. Healing of your soul growth. Such growth. Run through this field of flowers and receive its expression of love and joy as it surrounds you. Let the risen God bloom inside and captivate your spirit, soul and body. Let the flowers sway with his fresh wind blowing.

Now, this door was a total surprise. Crystal white sugar! It looked like a mountain of diamonds! Oh, here I heard the spirit of God say, “Sweet things”. During this year, we have heard his truth. Some of it has been difficult to adjust to, a little bitter maybe, but know when we confess our mistakes quickly, seek forgiveness and turn toward him, we receive sweet rewards. The instructions I received in past months have been good for the stepping stones I’m now on. I’ve had to let go of some ideas and perceptions that weren’t best for my destiny and family plan. I admit some of my plans were hard to relinquish but I feel lighter now and better able to create new ideas. Were there any plans you made or ideas you held in your heart that you had to let go of? This is your time to be still and regain confidence trusting “sweet things” are stored up behind a new door of opportunity. Let the good times roll in as you take an honest moment to recover from past plans and ideas and set your heart on the new success that awaits. You must let the acceleration begin. Let go and let it begin. Sweet things are waiting for you!

There were many other doors I saw. Open the doors and redeem the time for it is truly here! Receive new revelations, career ideas, reinvigorated family plans, and integral relationship desires. Get to know the possibilities that are waiting behind your new door. It will be sufficient as it was intended. Live a sufficient Life Today!

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Eugenie Encalarde