Everyday is a new day for me. I sit in my stillness time and first turn my heart toward God. I feel his spirit so close to me and I smile. I ask Jesus to forgive any mistakes and sins I made since we last spoke. Our back and forth throughout the day is needful for my internal strength and hearing. I thank him for throwing my mess-ups away and completely forgetting them. I believe in his restoration and immediately receive the grace to move into loving my life...again. 

Each day I am renewed. A new chance to begin again. It’s the best “ground hog day” repeat experience ever. Some of you might not remember this movie with Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell - when every day repeated itself and happened over and over again. I laugh and use that rhythm for my morning routine. The flow is an iterative process yet miraculously the depth of the experience is new everyday. I love this morning moment because I know it’ll always start me off joyful. There are some mornings my mind wants to race to think of what I’m wearing that day or the bill I forgot to pay. But I turn my focus back to the quiet and let the thoughts roll away so I can saturate in this life-changing time. I am being refreshed right now. I am being strengthened right now. My spirit is receiving a unique stirring that’s bringing a settled feeling in my heart. Sitting in my favorite place I begin to wonder how I could’ve almost missed today’s moment of new - - if I hadn’t given myself a new chance this morning to begin again, where would my heart and mind get its strength from?

In my stillness time, I receive all the love, spiritual energy, images and words that are meant for that day. I think of people at work to help or reach out to. I pray for their success in projects they’re working on. I think of ways to help them with conflict management moments or just to support their dream of enjoying their life.

I find it’s so important to genuinely care about the people God has placed in my life. I care about their life here as well as their eternal place. I let him shine through the works of my hands, and know I must yield to what he’s saying in the circumstances I’m faced with in the workplace. I start to remember some of the jokes and even tense moments with coworkers that have happened over the last week. I so believe everyone just wants to have a solid peace in their walk. Even the ones that may be contrary are just suffering a pain that needs mending. My goodness, I think about how my actions could’ve been perceived as contrary to them. I open my heart and let the moment reveal any thoughts I need to grab and cleanse. Pure imagination to resolve problems and supportive compassion is what their thirsty for. What I’m thirsty for… I dig in and do the work of forgiving myself and them. This quick internal reconciliation unlocks more peace and makes room for purposeful clarity because I’ve laid down what could’ve caused me to stumble on the stepping stones of my journey. Compassion unlocks the big picture. Peace prepares me to be a valuable part of the big picture. 

We are all given new days EVERYDAY. The old is waiting for us to be new. Speak new affirmations. Think new innovations. Express the spirit of Christ in your interactions at your workplace today. Love others as you would love yourself. Agape love is your determination to express peace and joy with godly words and behavior. Love this way and you can always “drop the mic” knowing you are an absolute triumphant blessing on the earth wherever you work and relax!

Live Life Loving yourself and others Today!

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Eugenie Encalarde