“You are coming into completion.” God said it, I believe it! Feel the fullness surrounding your life. Everything you’ve learned is significant. The workplace worry and personal pauses. Study those moments, the challenges, for the hard places will build momentum. Your assignment is wrapped up in your testimony. Your identity has been strengthened. No more vague, “ Who am I”… You are complete. Just believe Christ is and be set in a beautiful order, adorned with the brightness of his love. Confess your mistakes; own them, then release them, forgive yourself and move on.

You are now standing on a firm foundation. The old thought structures in your life have been removed. Broken! You have pushed through barriers that have taken years. Pillars of false security. Smashed! You have been cleansed of what you thought you were and what you once depended on. You have removed the emotional attachment to those things. Now you see people and situations clearly.

You have spiritual strength to stand on your own two feet. The feet that were created and now prepared for the good news of love, joy and peace. No longer will you lean on others for strength. You believe God is your strength. He was there at 2am when you tossed and turned. He was there in your car when you needed a moment before you got out to face the day. You are now walking into a new day with a new fragrance. Things will not happen the way it did before. Your success, prosperity and spiritual wealth will come another way. It will be more than you think or can even imagine! Just step in the flow of what God is doing. Celebrate breakthrough! Receive grace to move onward and forward.

Live a Remarkable Life Today! Romans 10:9-10

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