New Step

Sometimes you can feel submerged by life. Work can get away from you and before you know it, all the projects can look like toy soldiers marching without you leading them. They’re just marching by habit more than on purpose. They’re doing what’ s expected but not from the passion that’s meant to impart joy and peace. Ah... the marching on and on and on. Reflex rather than reflect. 

The workplace is a great place to be productive until it’s not. Moving at a rhythm beyond what you intended. You begin going with the flow and doing what others do and saying what others say, not meaning or being inspired by any of it. How does that happen?

No rest. No real pause between the activities. Meeting to computer to instruction to doing to sitting to meeting to phone and back around again. No time to pause and embrace your position in the busy atmosphere of work. Your dreams become your workday and your workday become your dreams (or nightmares). It’s the marching in straight lines and the beating of the drum that’s moving you forward, notthe creative energy that you crave in order to ignite the melody of change. 

But today IS your season of change. Tap your foot! Arise and breakout of the old colors. Stop holding on to the familiar. Get up and get out today. Take a walk to a new restaurant or buy your lunch from a food truck or new grocer. Give a smile to your boss or dedicated assistant.  Take a new step and Get on it - - a new app, tune into a new podcast and learn a new thought that’s in sync with your new timing.  Listen to a favorite song to feel your heart step into the fullness of joy.   Stop letting the log of life keep you feeling oppressed; moving in slow motion.  No more denial of your destiny!  Reach for your life raft and stretch.   A little more.  There’s a refreshing life opportunity to help you get your emotions back in sync. Step out of the linear thought and look up.  Light up your path again.  The stepping stone has dimmed because you’re not moving to the unique beat of your drum. 

I believe you should stomp out any apprehension today.  It’s time to move to your next level of workplace success.  A new friendship is ready to bloom; open your heart and let God do it.  Get up, move your feet and align with your true destiny. Feet won’t fail you now. Faith won’t fail you now.

Live Life confidently stepping into the new!

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Eugenie Encalarde