State of Transition

In project management, you learn that your project has a beginning and a completion. There is a present state and a future state of your project. However, it’s the middle state I’d like to discuss. This condition where project phases are happening and one phase gate comes and another goes. It’s this transition state where multiple processes are coexisting that I’d like to reflect on with you.

Sometimes I feel I haven’t accomplished much when I’m in this uncomfortable predicament. I have one more thing to finish here and two more things to finish there in order for anything to become complete. It’s in the thick of these unsettled moments of process when large amounts of innovation and creativity occur that I must remember why I’m here and what I’m a part of. I grab hold to the thought — my vision. I remind myself of my dream, which is the future state of the project, and then I press forward with expectation.

But it’s definitely not an easy task to produce work when your mind wants to race and wander into the foreign land of getting overwhelmed. The excitement of the project can become almost unbearable. A vision can multiply like an amoeba and you find yourself writing down the new ideas while you’re trying to complete the present work and deadlines. When that happens, I resist looking at any social media or emails because I know the distractions and additional stimulation can easily produce a tipping point that may not be productive for all that I’m managing within the project transition state. Yes, I can easily slip into compartmentalizing my process groups in order to give myself a cleansing breath. Methodically I do that by beginning to focus on the task and not the time. I put my energy and passion into the life of the task I want to create. This prompts the goal to stir in my heart - - I desire to impact others by igniting transformation. This requires a fresh anointing, an inner strength, not a natural ability. It comes from steady practice of stillness time where one learns to let God’s spirit take the lead. I release my control and limited abilities and grasp a larger strength that can complete a project process with masterful order and enormous grace.

Sounds familiar? The state of transition is a hard place for us to navigate. Questions flood the mind. Are we going the right way? Are we addressing any gaps that can get us off track? Are we missing the mark for the higher calling within our projects where we must find our footing to truly reach the new level of awakening that will impact others personally and professionally?

Remember your assignment is destined. Your signature skills are yours alone and can’t be replicated. Listen to his voice and you will fulfill the unique project phases you were called to fulfill. Each process will be completed with the unique individuality and power that is within you. You are learning how to use it, and how to respect it with each project phase you are working on. One phase gate closes; another opens. Observe and you will begin to understand the details and the big picture. You will successfully transition to your future state!

You will have sustenance in your transition. His heart is moving you to Live Life Today.

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