Mind Wide Open

It’s time for us to open our minds. I’m remembering the phrase thinc diphruntly. Let’s enlarge our boundaries. Open a window of opportunity and see yourself landing in a new place with a gentle realignment you never thought possible. Now, your mind is open and a fresh wind is blowing. You’ve seen others jump into new ideas and pick up creative goals, but you’ve held your feet in place allowing a quicksand of doubt to pull you away from conversations that can bring life and hopeful expectancy.

Yes, it takes discipline to transition from thinking to doing and from monologue to performance dialogue. How can you do this? How can you become what you never fully imagined but only quietly cried out for? Where is your circle of wise counsel? The small squad of anointed voices that will cheer you on through the rough and winding turns brought on by inward insecurities revealed and misunderstood weaknesses exposed.. Where are the professional and personal alliances that can help you identify what’s sabotaging your destiny and success? Where is this congruent group that helps you replace fear with love, isolation with power; and wavering decisions with a sound mind? This empowering group stretches you with goodness and positive challenges. Their goal is to celebrate you. Their minds are wide open, fresh and fun. Understanding life is meant to be embraced, not resisted.

Realize any major break in mindset needs at least two seasons to fully operate in a repaired and healed state. One season to work it through; another to walk it through! Time and forgiveness heals memories of rejection, relational trauma, workplace bitterness, and finding-yourself loneliness. During those seasons, you will be restored when healing involves promised-land decrees and affirmations, good coaching and spirit, mind and body balance. Establish the inter connectivity of a blended self. Here you heal the gaps that made you feel stuck and disconnected. Breathe again. Mind the gap! Innovate cleansing in those seasons.

Mind wide open is a mind cleansed and free. Live Life Today!

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Eugenie Encalarde