State of Transition Part 2

Part 2

It’s in the transition that I must keep my focus steady. I meditate on the splendor of my vision. Imagine the joy of my future state. My accomplished state. The achiever state. Yes, the “one who endures” state.

Today as I continue to think about transition, I believe changes are occurring. The atmosphere shifts as I am being cleansed of fear, and postponed dreams. In this ever-evolving state, I am reckoning with my purpose. I am strengthening my spirit through the discipline of stillness; quieting my soul with its myriad of emotions. I allow myself a brief moment to glance back only for a second. I’m quickly reminded how far I’ve come. Wow! The many phases of deliverance from one personal and professional gate to another.

Here are key Transition signposts to carry on your personal journey:

  1. Single minded focus. Maintain dedication to your goal. Pull down and break constraints that are keeping you from moving forward.

  2. Hope becomes faith. Anchor your heart to believe in your dream. Faith will lift the weight of impossiblilty; replace and clothe your atmosphere with a unique possibility.

  3. Truth. Strengthen your spirit to observe. There will be a moment when revelation comes to introduce your mind to inner cleansing. Understand the assumptions you’re carrying from one state to another. Grab the thought and do inner cleansing.

  4. From thinking to doing. Unpack doubt and resist being stuck. Why are you stuck? Keep or toss the thought? Break limiting beliefs that can cause you to postpone your destiny. It’s decision time. Cleansing is happening.

  5. Value and voice. What value will you give your destiny and purpose? Place a meaningful and contributing voice toward your goal? Training and expert counsel will get you to your future state. The voices you hear should lift you up during transition?

This state of transition is needful.

Prayerfully ask and receive more love from the third heaven! It’s OK. Permission granted. No one has personal access to your game plan but the Authority from above. A portal is opening to give you blessings and confirmations. I believe we receive a check in our spirit to KNOW we’re on the right path- our destined path! Today the knowing within me smiles. I inwardly affirm, “My journey shall have a completion. My work and experiences shall not return to the earth void. There will be an expected end.” I expect success!

In the state of transition, I’m enjoying life today!

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