I see gumdrops falling from above like rain. They are gumdrops from God, falling for us today. Take one, or two! Delicious peace, delectable joy, satisfying hope, gratifying faith, melt-in-your-mouth laughter - -heavenly comfort touching our heart and filling our spirit. Gumdrops touching our lips, on the verge of making us speak with gratitude for this moment - this significant time in our life - when we choose to come up higher to sit before our God and receive his special gift for us.

As I sit before him this morning, I release the cares of the world. I resist frustrations that are trying to short circuit my restful mindset. I resist bitter annoyances that are best handled just by letting go and forgiving quickly. I spit out the tastelessness of unforgiveness so I can release my soul from weightiness that holds the purity of my heart captive. 

I reposition my heart today and settle in the peace that doesn’t come from natural encounters. It’s a pleasing peace that causes anxiety to run away. This confection of peace laughs at worry because it knows the godly promise that lies within my sugary boundaries. This pleasant gumdrop of peace, so sweet it melts the worry of project pressures away. Today I decided to turn from focusing on the day to day rush that can sour and overwhelm my pure imagination and identity. There are collective and inviting gumdrops falling from heaven.

I see a rainbow color of them describing new memories. This new broad space is being formed in my spirit - - my heart. I catch the gumdrops gently falling from above like rain. Shower goodness on my life. Shower winning delight in my life. Sprinkle hope and patience in my daily circumstances. Squishy gooey love drops powerfully pack my relationships with bursts of good-humored and even-tempered friends shining through like a sun shower.  I am releasing staleness and old thoughts that take me round and round a dry and abandoned mountain. I move that unbeloved mountain and replace it with fragrant green grass watered by the treasured blessings of gumdrops from above. 

What do you see? I see a change. Today let one decision change your day, a thought, your mood, a prized goal, relished dream, and ultimately your life! 

Gumdrops are falling on you. Reposition yourself. Look up and Live Life Today!

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Eugenie Encalarde