Grateful Restoration

After completing a goal or project, it’s good to restore yourself.  Whether it’s a purpose you’ve achieved, a product you’ve produced; a result you’ve obtained or a service you’ve performed -- take quality time for grateful restoration. Use your stillness time to be thankful for your family.  Be thankful for your work, the wonderful partners and colleagues that have been divinely placed in your life.  Laugh at the anxieties you felt while preparing for the project and how much more relaxing it turned out than your mind allowed you to think.  Be thankful for the firm handshakes meeting new and inspiring people and hugs from colleagues you haven’t seen in a while. Be thankful that you were reserved with your confidence, being more diligent to bring your most excellent and meaningful self to the project or goal. Be thankful your children are resilient and see how much you adore them even when you’re working round the clock to meet your deadline.  Be thankful for your spouse or significant friend that is patient during your time of single-minded focus to deliver your best product or your most prepared self for the project.  Thank them for always cheering you on, supporting you when you needed to join your faith with theirs.

Whatever you’ve done recently to fulfill an objective, it’s good to pause and let your mind enjoy stillness for a day or two. Restore yourself in the peace of stillness and pull away. Look at the sun shine over the glistening water at a park or watch the raindrops fall and hit the flowers gently out of the window of your favorite coffee shop. Remove the running lists from your mind. Open the atmosphere for new creativity. Kudos for letting your phone or other electronic devices sit separate and apart from this spiritual restoration moment. Reminisce over your ability to adapt and remain open to a new and different opportunity. Be thankful for the new relationships that are showing you how big and wonderful the future can be with continued building, planting and sowing of talents and relationships.

Soak in gratitude today and tomorrow. Give yourself space for thankfulness. It widens your path, and makes the journey so much sweeter. Live a Life of restoration Today! 

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Eugenie Encalarde