I must stretch to achieve what’s in my heart. It seems overwhelming some days to finish the steps to the many objectives I know without a doubt I’m destined to accomplish. But I must stretch to overcome the imbalance that attempts to hold my hand on this walk and journey. I remove even the slightest attachment to discouragement. I must be in agreement with the stretching and turning that manifests when I decide to exercise my choice to successfully achieve what I was destined to accomplish.

Stretch your mind. Let your thoughts be refreshed by sitting and being quiet. Your mind will settle down as you stop expecting images of jack to pop out of the box. For it is in the stretch of your restful time; look outside of the anxiousness and pressures to complete the deadlines. Instead stretch your mind’s eye and see light shining over your dreams. The path may seem long and winding but it’s beautiful stepping stones are inviting and call you to stroll not run.

Now stretch your body. Maybe it’s easier to hit the snooze or sink your head into the soft pillow, but it’s more fulfilling to stand ready to feel the blood pumping through your legs and arms. How your body longs for the breath of life lived well. It’s more exciting to see the results of movement from your vow of daily reps - a 20, 30 or 60 count committed to stretch. You pull, hold, tighten, breathe. Your right brain, now the left side. There you go! Creatively stretch and release innovation. Think, do, perform, sing, dance, laugh, hug. Yes!!

Stretch your heart. Open the closed off relationships that have become a stale routine. Let the flow of love pour out and feed an awkward situation that’s become filled with annoying habits long unattended. Remove uncomfortable conversations by letting your smiling eyes meet theirs. Smiles break even the hardest of hearts. Ah…Stretch, turn, push forward, relax.

I decree I will not stand still and let my dreams atrophy. I will stretch today and feel the pull of hope and faith. I will grasp the opening in the heavens with a big upward sweep of my long arms reaching out to stretch and capture this milestone moment.

Let’s Live an outstretched Life Today!

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Eugenie Encalarde