I’m in awe of my life. The fully blended life - at work, in my relationships, in my purpose on this earth. The blend has taken time. I now wear it comfortably with awesome respect for humanity. Becoming more and more aware of the fragility of each of us. We are all so unique and special, holding major keys to spectacular innovation and creativity that is meant to be shared with others.

As a Believer, I wake up each morning tugging on the virtues of Christ. I am past religion. Today I seek to honor everyone placed in my life, whether for a season or a moment. I respect the precious life we have and believe all of us are worthy of receiving the best destiny God has prepared since the foundation of the world. 

If we say we desire peace, our values will mirror the nobility of our spirit and soul. Our trustworthiness will be a permanent marker, characteristic of our commitment to be led without corruption and manipulation in our heart. We will not control morality, but instead let the meritorious seeds we’ve sown display the fruitful relationships we now reap. 

I no longer compartmentalize what I do. I know who I am. I am comfortable in the ebb and flow of God. The power of his spirit will stand for me; will be my righteousness. I bask in the work and walk in the decency of the works of my hands. Let the privilege of our meeting one another produce in each of us the purity of love we so graciously desire. 

As your coach, I promise to be there for you. I will give you everything I know from my senior-level marketplace experience. But most important, I will give you insight into the power of transformation that I’ve experienced being hidden in the power of Christ.

Happy Friday! Live a triumphant Life Today.

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Eugenie Encalarde