Fresh Start

What does a fresh start look like? A smile. A different color than you’re used to wearing? A change in what you’re watching and meditating on? A new journal? Jeans a half size larger. A home filled with the sound of a newborn?

A fresh start is now at our doorstep. More than it being a new year; it’s a new season breaking through. Do you feel comfortable with your routine or it’s it time for a fresh start? 

Let’s take a look at our relationships? Take honest inventory of our family, work and friendship circles. Do you feel refreshed and enlightened? What thought can you grab from the immediate relationships you’re holding on to?  I see an area in a relationship that is not as truthful as it could be. There have been stale conversations that are not producing fruit. Faith doesn’t rise up when we talk. I feel no conviction to stand in agreement with their dream. It’s time for me to dig in and begin a fresh start. I’ll make the first move. I’ll dedicate time to be still and search my heart; see how we can start fresh. I must realize that the outcome may not be what I’m expecting. Maybe the season is over for this relationship. Maybe the fresh start will be two separate paths quietly moving in separate directions - journeys that will be refreshed in some other way. Maybe the fresh start will be the beginning of our discussion about our values and dreams and whether we are properly supporting one another. Maybe we’ll have to commit to one action this month (and next) that will turn us toward the fresh start.

A fresh start requires a movement. A faithful yielding toward an opportunity we’ve never seen before. We will behold an opening, a release of pressure. Stagnant imagery is replaced with light and water. The flow may initially start out slow but patience will produce moments that will produce suddenlies. Suddenlies are unexpected turning points. A burst of freshness!

What does a fresh start feel like? It feels like, “Finally!” Have there been bruising and disappointing times that quenched your fresh start? Those times smothered the light of hope and excitement. But today is different! Suddenly, it’s unfaded. The crisp air is breathing on your doorstep right now. Open the door of brand new and feel the comfort of starting fresh. Like a fresh snowflake or beam of sunlight - - It’s covering you and beckoning you to take one action today to activate your fresh start.

I am preparing for my moment today to give that relationship a fresh start. I know the initial words may come slowly, but I am ready for my fresh start. I am ready to hear in my heart what the next movement will be. I am also preparing myself for a “suddenly”. A sudden glance, inward softening or leap in my spirit that will help order my next step. I will let the fresh start overpower the stagnant inactivity that’s been tormenting this relationship.

Today there is an opening. Start fresh Living Life Today!

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Eugenie Encalarde