The Gate

I keep seeing horses lined up ready to race. It’s such an exciting image. I get exhilarated imagining the anticipation of the sound that follows while everyone is sitting extremely still on their horse and on their mark.

That’s where we are right now. Entering our next month of a bright-eyed new year. We are eyeing the path forward, standing on our mark - - ready to accomplish our goal for this season. It’s such an electrifying time. We know how fulfilling it will be to have another quality stepping stone set in place on our purposeful path toward our destiny. At the gate, we are seeing the expanse of the track before us and we think we’re ready. 

But as I kept seeing the horses at the gate, I heard a whisper saying “you’re like a horse out the gate.” I thought, “that sounds like I’ve moved ahead and out of sync in some way.” Ironically (or not), I was encountering a couple of situations over the past week where I was saved from moving too fast. There was a larger more masterful project that I wasn’t allowing my mind to fully imagine because I was ready to run with the initial glimpse of my vision. I knew there was a larger lesson, so I took those circumstances to my morning stillness sessions. Once I decided to DIG IN, here’s what I realized…

Yes, the horses standing at the gate were a beautiful picture of strength. They were ready to run the race of their lives or at least one of the important races that would culminate their celebratory destiny. But as I saw them standing there, I felt the sense of solid preparation. I perceived they had practiced and rehearsed on that track and gained the necessary confidence needed to make the turns and run the textured track’s path. They were coached for this very moment, humbly yielding to the nurturing conversations from a trusted friend that allowed them to shake off any limiting beliefs or false assumptions that needed to be released from their mind’s eye. Now they were ready for the goal - - the race set before them. 

The circumstances I had encountered showed me that I was almost ready. In fact, the goal I was working on was much bigger, better, and more elevated than I had first imagined. It was when I replaced my feeling of resistance mixed with thrilling anticipation with a moment of stillness and patience that I saw yet another layer of my shiny goal. I saw how this goal (this race) tied into a larger goal heading toward the “Kentucky Derby” of goals! And that would impact and bless many more than the original goal I thought I was activating.

So now, I am standing still before I began the next goal activation; even when I’m working on a step I will stand still for at least a week before I begin. I found that in the stillness, the patient joyful waiting, another layer of the goal would unfold and I could journal it and then in my stillness time determine its rightful place on my path of goal success. I knew it would be another marker of triumph I would cherish. Another trophy of prosperity.

Today I’m still seeing the horses at the gate. And I smile knowing how excited they are getting ready to run a race they’ve been studying, training and planning for. I know I’m now in my process of transitioning from thinking to doing. I’m using my stillness time this month to DIG IN and clarify my goal activations. I’m using my SMART methodology with each goal activation to clarify the steps I need for success. Oh yeah, I’m seeing the crowd now. I hear the sound of cheering. I see the person calling us to our mark, ready, set..........

God, thank you for patience. I believe you are dreaming through us. Thank you for settling us down to see the bigger plan. Thank you for reminding us we are setting quality stepping stones that will establish our purpose - - what we are here on earth to accomplish. Our lives aren’t just a series of goals to be marked off without genuine experience and impact. We are standing at the gate about to rock the world with our unique vision and gifting. Thank you for revelation. Thank you for peace and joy; rightly aligning our core values with our goals. Thank you for putting our spirit, soul and body in right perspective. We are at our gate, Living our best Life Today!

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Eugenie Encalarde