In my stillness time I pray for God to help my unbelief.  Yes, there are times I need encouragement to believe more fully in the vision set before me.  Sometimes it seems too overwhelming to imagine the tasks and steps that must be activated to produce the goal I’m seeing.  I desire it, but moving from thinking to doing seems daunting at times.  That’s when I innovate inner cleansing.

A soul war emerges.  Our soul fights against our spirit.  And the body gets tense when there’s an inner battle going on.  All of these emotions must be filtered in order to have the strength to accomplish the great and meaningful tasks we are destined to accomplish.  We must innovate and inwardly cleanse our mind of fears.  There is a beyond nature to our vision and goal.  A vision is ahead of us - - it’s  a picture beyond our present moment.  It’s for an appointed time.  Our emotions want to will and control the goal activities as we think we see it.  But there’s so much that goes on “in between” the steps and vision process.  There’s so much sifting taking place. For instance, imagine the rinse cycle taking place between your core values and daily actions.. The swishing and spinning that’s getting our alignments with others extra clean.  The speed of a good spin can be exhausting!

So inner cleansing is our opportunity to rid ourselves of thoughts, emotions, false beliefs and assumptions, or inefficiently aligned relationships that can sabotage the success of our vision.  Unbelief creeps in when our soul is trying to take the lead in the cultivation of our destiny.  Cleansing washes the doubt away.  Cleansing removes unbelief so we can trust the vision and goal process - - a process that is much bigger than what we can think or imagine according to the spiritual power working within us.  Where is our trust that the vision and desired outcome will arrive?  Spiritual power far surpasses the games our soulish mind tries to play when we are moving confidently along in fulfilling our purpose.  I find that when unbelief is trying to cast a shadow on the enormous projects I’m working on, that’s my sign to stop and be still.  I need the quiet time to identify what I must have inwardly cleansed in order for me to continue my life’s journey.  I also need to remember my stepping stones are supposed to be memorials of my accomplishments, not defeats - unless the defeat is a learning lesson that will cause my next accomplishment to be even greater.  How can I rightly identify where I’m positioned if I’m spinning around in the filth of negativity, confusion, doubt, fear, unbelief, lack of trust, paranoia and the like? 

It takes commitment to internal action.  Innovate inner cleansing!  I stir up inner cleansing by shifting my perspective.  I move and take an action although I may be feeling an emotion contrary to the truth of my vision.  I rehearse the big picture of the vision and let it become re-anchored in my heart.  I rest in that moment and release unbelief, cleansing my soul.  It may seem unusual to take detailed time and attention to this matter, but getting stuck can keep you from achieving your vision or goal.  Innovate cleansing so the inner junk doesn’t overtake you. When I ask God to strengthen me, I’m asking him to strengthen my heart, my spirit. I’m asking him to help me pull up higher so I am directing my will, not the other way around. I’m asking for strength to initiate inner cleansing so I’m able to restore the restful peace needed to move forward with the little and great tasks before me. 

I do this because I know I’m going somewhere! I trust I’m moving forward. I’m celebrating a new season and vision. I’m feasting on renewal. I shake out the rug of heaviness that comes with unbelief. I repent for doubting my passion that I remember begun as a spark of excitement. Yes, I’m remembering that light revealed another piece of my purpose.  

It’s time to DIG IN and innovate inner cleansing. Believe in your vision - even if it seems really big. Together, we will build it step by step. Hope by hope. Image by image. Joy by joy.  Today take time to innovate and Live a Cleansed Life Today!

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Eugenie Encalarde