Faithful Growth

This is what I’m hearing in my #stillness time:

You’re ready. The separation has taken place. You are free. You are in your new season. This is the other side of transition. See the love on this side. You have sought my heart and now it will be your compass. It will direct you, sway you, move you.

There is a light on the horizon rising at this moment. It’s coming up as you are, rising above powerless thoughts, behaviors and relationships whose time is up. This new time is for new thoughts, new ideas, new work opportunities, new circles of collaboration, fresh virtuous friendships, brighter career moves. It’s OK. This light will overshadow and overtake any lingering doubt. Doubt descends back under.

Step in. Be still your heart today and let my spirit lead your spirit as you step in.

For the separation has begun. My light has identified with yours and I’ve spied out the darkness.

On this day I say, God is good.

Live Life stepping into stillness Today! #ejencalarde #livelifetoday

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Eugenie Encalarde