Fortress of Peace

There is an absolute clarity this morning. I have opened my eyes and spirit with such a peace. I feel as though something has clicked inside and all is good in my soul. No rushing thoughts or worry about what the day will bring. I am in my stillness time, meditating and embracing the presence of God. There are times when words don’t need to be spoken in the presence of someone you love. Just the awareness they’re present with you is more than enough.

I’ve grown desperately attached to my stillness time. My spirit is truly strengthened. I am at peace with the quiet. Music would be an afterthought to what’s happening right now, so I decide not to conjure up an activity that would distract this precious atmosphere. After so many years of abrupt thoughts that used to take me down a morning path I wasn’t ready to engage in, now I’m leading the day with precious strength. I receive this overwhelming opportunity to submerge myself in a power larger than me. A depth that feels like a smile from the Spirit of God saying ‘it’s OK today, I got you.’

The music is in my head. It’s a melodic hum (and hymn) of thanksgiving. Gratitude for freedom. Freedom to be still. Liberty to hold onto a peace my brain can’t explain. This perfect peace which has always been what really mattered to me. The pursuit of peace was my purpose, and it’s fulfillment was my assignment. Today, I can truly say peace is my foundation.

#TIP: Take a course correction. Start this morning dedicating time to stillness. There are words for you in the unspoken time with God. Let this powerful moment recreate and cleanse your heart. Let His Spirit renew your spirit.

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