Explosive Stillness

To hold fast and capture your moment with God. A place where you receive, recover from the past week, past challenges, even past hurt.

There is so much discovery in our stillness time. We release and receive. The pouring of perfect love, replenishment from a higher place. To feel the atmospheric pressure of the unfolding and undone-ness. I long to be in that place; that space.

It gets me ready for what is ahead, what’s calling me and what I’m calling into my life. I am ready to walk and touch the fresh season I’m in. The fingertips that come into contact with change- not letting it slip away this time. I’m ready to envision the sparkle of the bloom, and meet up with new conversations of life that will cause an explosive journey in this new career movement. The moment of destiny that causes a wind shift. Can you feel it?

I see so many people, so many hands working together, so many smiles joining the ranks of change. I hear the sound of laughter in the hallways of confident next gens believing in what they’re capable of building within their workplace and community. The rustling of papers, and presentations revealing a new sound with new images. The clicking of new pens. The skipping of the inter generational workforce right on time and right on task.

In my stillness time, I see more clearly what’s on the horizon of workplace progress and a creative development largess. I sit and release, so I can sit and receive.

Live Life explosively still Today! #ejencalarde #livelifetoday #lifecoachingtips

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Eugenie Encalarde