Raw Ambition

Get ready for a NEW #Coaching Session: RAW AMBITION.

Like I promised in my blog on Worship, here’s the NEWEST upcoming coaching class for leaders and aspiring professionals who want to develop their talent and impact their workplace mastering career ambition.

Plus, as an attendee, you get an opportunity to access a free workplace coaching session and ask your questions about professional ambition directly.

Plus, you get a chance to win a free gift for your workplace toolkit.

Let's blow workplace coaching out the water! This new class - RAW AMBITION - promises to entertain, empower and enlighten your mind-set in the workplace.

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Join me on November 7 and you'll have the chance to attend a coaching event of highly actionable content, a session designed to help you grow faster and design your personal roadmap to achieve your ambitious goals.

Live a full and ambitious Life Today! #ejencalarde #livelifetoday

Eugenie Encalarde