Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership. A type of leadership that I’ve thrived on for nearly 30 years. Even in my rookie career season, I understood leaning in to the authority divinely placed in my work life. Have you ever focused on the importance of serving your boss or coworkers?  Understanding there is such a bigger “why” to the reason you are where your are right at this moment. The law of attraction has brought you face to face with the tasks needed to pass the personal and character tests required to qualify for your next journey. You know those situations or people that make you wonder if there’s a bullseye directly on your forehead or heart.

Servant Leaders are generous with their time. They take every opportunity to enrich and give valuable meaningful insight to others. They are always thinking of what someone else needs to advance. Servant leadership is directly aligned with one of the important keys I discuss in my WCTB leadership coaching sessions. I take you through many scenarios that allow you to think through the idea behind servant leadership. Fortune 500 CEOs commented in a HBR article that’s its a way of life. A servant leader is not easily offended. They’re able to see that someone’s tone of voice could be reflecting their inner fear or apprehension about delivering a project on time as promised. Maybe the clock is ticking and the courier won’t answer their phone. A servant leader produces and works with compassion and mercy woven in their heart. A servant leader starts their day knowing what comes first. Maybe it’s a clean office space. Maybe it’s making the first pot of strong coffee with cinnamon. Maybe it’s a walk around to smile at your boss and coworkers to open up the work atmosphere and get the day rolling. A servant leader has a optimistic point of view. They understand there’s ALWAYS a way to succeed and deliver. Thankfully, I learned that from my boss. Their perspective is “onward”. A servant leader’s view doesn’t have to dominate the conversations. A gentle gesture may be all that’s needed with the boss. Or perfect silence. It’s more important to stay emotionally and socially intelligent. A servant leader has cultivated excellent EQ skills. 

Ask yourself: Can you produce a great project or achieve an important task with clarity and fullness of detail while ensuring your supervisor or boss has what she or he needs to shine, lead and accomplish their tasks?  They’re probably responsible for big-picture types of responsibility, although you’re task is reasonably large as well. Maybe you’re a business owner and have endless checklists and scheduling saucers spinning on your hands, head, and toes! Yet, you need to be especially present in your employee’s workday, closely mentoring them so they can rise up and strengthen their management leadership skills, since you need them to take that customer account to the next level - - just like you would?

I’m reminded of a story about a strong individual and leader that encouraged a large less-than-confident group on a particular building project. He led this enormous plan while he continually served his boss even taking some of the most critical pushback on his boss’s decisions so his boss could keep the entire organization on target with project and profit benchmarks. The servant leader managed both of these enormous tasks without bitterness, arrogance, or complaint. This brilliant and creative individual understood the goal, unlocked the keys to success and cultivated qualities and character to make everyone shine. An amazing servant leader. And the boss uniquely positioned this leader for larger projects and more success.

What is your greatest desire as a leader? What would you like to do to build up your skills and achieve this high level of leadership? 

Let me know what sessions would be helpful for you to achieve this life-changing transformation and become a Servant Leader this year? I’m ready to guide you, help you think through the ideas of how that would personally look for your situation. DM your challenge and I’ll work to customize a strategic plan for your breakthrough.

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