Hear and See

I’m seeing a spirit of oppression try to take hold of the optimism for breakthrough in many of the dreams and visions so many of us have been building. We have been nurturing great innovations and creative ideas that are destined to enhance the lives of many including us. We are on the verge of major celebrations in our personal journeys that we’ve been dreaming of for a long time.

Oppression feels like a weight. Like a yoke tied to your neck. You feel a sense of anxiety but can’t pinpoint where the heaviness is coming from. It’s crafty. You’re trying to understand it with your brain, but it’s unclear and not a defined image or statement. You want to be joyful but something is nagging at you telling you it’s not as bright as you think. That’s the deception trying to take hold of your spirit. You may become irritable and then get irritable at being irritable. Some thought or presence is oppressing you. It’s time to deal with the oppression. 

First, take a quick glance at all of the check marks you’ve accomplished over last year. See that as glass half full. You’re here at this very moment invested enough to desire a clearer understanding of where you’re going. Yes, you showed up. You haven’t given up. Of course you have your wits about you and know progress isn’t a breeze, but you do understand that your dream is ahead. As you take this moment to meditate on the checkmarks and achievements, feel the oppression begin to lift. The washing away is making a sound. It’s the sound of hope.

Now remember it’s still January. Strengthen your mind to recapture the essence of the new year....this first month. Feel the refreshing spirit of a new beginning. The goodness. Let the energy fill your mind. Let the excitement fill your heart. See the colors of blue, pink and white dance around you!  Passion, light, righteousness, and the spirit of God are holding hands and releasing the momentum you need to push forward and breakthrough. AWE MOMENT! Feel the oppression lift more as it’s beginning to get suffocated by your fresh perspective. You are redeeming the godly revelations now. 

Don’t come off of your wall of success and prosperity for this season. You are doing great things. You are making bigger strides than you think. I partner with you and release inner strength toward you. I speak joy over your heart and spirit. Look up and see the opening; receive the peace that gives you spiritual authority. Grab hold. “Take spiritual responsibility for your life.” Now feel your spirit push that oppressive spirit right out of the picture! There. Freedom and joy are your portion today. I hear the sound of your happy dance! Shake yourself free and Live Life Today.

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Eugenie Encalarde