Slight Adjustment

It’s time for me to come into focus and align with the increase that’s right before me. I keep seeing an expanse of the sea. A new brighter horizon ahead. Then I see words of instruction - slight repositioning; adjustment.

Surprisingly the words I visualize don’t produce internal worry. I’m sure you know that can happen when we look at the glass half empty. Even when the thought was never meant to harm us, we can let anxiety try to overtake our pure imagination. Thankfully that didn’t happen and I’m able to see another word following closely behind the others - increase. So I ask myself how can I pull the words together. How can I see the words flowing together? Then I hear the voice inside saying “just refocus.” In the stillness, the unfolding of insight begins….

I must allow a slight repositioning today. I adjust myself and turn away from the distractions that are trying to keep me from focusing on the increase of knowledge, wisdom and understanding I’ll receive from the coaching resources spread abundantly in my room. I take the opportunity for this slight adjustment and read one book today. I get my highlighter and begin to search the content for sound insight. There are thoughts and methods pulling on me so I weigh them, thinking of my clients and readers, in order to best coach my audience. Always looking to inspire their imagination. I cast down exalted work philosophies and seek to identify evidence-based methods that I have the grace to coach. Experiential methods that speak to my work testimony; that’s authentically the way I can help others adjust slightly. Oh how I love to guide others! It flows from my spirit and I seek to give generously whatever keys I have that will turn someone toward transformation and unlock their abilities. When I see the joy in my sessions, hear feedback on how a staff crisis has been averted, and listen to their peace as they describe their workplace transformation because of one slight adjustment. So cool!

Sometimes it only takes one slight repositioning of an activity to provide what a workplace team needs. Being newly repositioned to receive an Idea to better produce a task - maybe by eliminating or adding one step. Repositioned to influence someone in authority by slightly adjusting the communication in a one-on-one meeting or even in the lunchroom. Repositioned by slightly adjusting proud mindsets to hear wisdom from a coworker or an innovative coach, which now allows for a fuller understanding of how to impact the atmosphere. Repositoned to be enriched in every way available for every good work produced!

The AWE Moment! Now I see the words flowing together.

You’re Slightly Repositioning. Adjusting for the INCREASE!

Yes and yes. Be Repositioned to Live Life Today.

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Eugenie Encalarde