Deciding to write today was a big decision. Sometimes frustration can beat us up. Negativity can slip in and roll out a red carpet to anger and bitterness. Decisions. I remind myself that I have the power of choice. I can go left or right or stay stuck and tired. What’s really going on? I have lots of knowledge under my belt surrounding me like a cashmere wrap, but if I reject the keys to open the door to my heart then I’ve failed no one but myself. I’ve failed to live my dream of joy and peace. I’ve failed to smile at the little things that truly mean so much. I failed to be grateful for all of the opportunities I receive every day - - starting with the breath I took when my eyes opened this new day. Decisions are wonderful. And yes, decisions can be wonderfully hard. But I’m happy I do have the choice to decide. I choose to choose. I could’ve turned over in bed today and opted out. Closing my eyes to one new thing that could change my perspective. Instead (thankfully) I decided to push through and see the hope I'm born with. Honestly, I believe we're ALL born with it. C'mon you know you are!! The hope to apply good decision-making skills. The problem will encounter my decision to tackle it. I’ve decided it’s worth it. I’m worth it; others are worth it. Today I decide to Live Life Today. I’m feeling real good about that decision. Next! 


EJ’s Prayer for You today:

God, I decide to move forward today. I will not stay stuck in my thoughts. I will reach for my life boat of wise words and wise counsel. I will meditate on good choices and decide on a step I will take; if only one. I will shut off angry thoughts and bitter remarks trying to spoil the good fruit that's destined to grow out of my life.  I cancel images and imaginations that are trying to create a circumstance that does not exist. I decide to cut that branch off of my tree of life. I decree and declare each thought will be who I really am - - a person wanting goodness and truth to reach the next destination of their journey. I am a good decision-maker. Negativity is not my friend and I won’t go outside to play with that bully. Not today; not ever! Today I decide to find the solution that will give me new breath and energy. I declare that I am deciding to live my best life today.


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