Surprise Party

I’m reminded of a major victory in my life. I almost missed the grand climax but the celebratory lights went on and there were many cheering me on. I had waited for this crazy moment of good success and suddenly it was here. I can easily remember the long production nights and dizzying daily tasks, being so focused on tasks that the hours moved in chunks of time. I also remember the tension-filled weeks leading up to the events when I released my children reluctantly into my husband’s arm in order to manage the event work chaos and resolutions I was championed for. It’s good to experience this overwhelming victory right now. Those dedicated listening sessions with my coach were critical in defining this moment. My coach’s voice was now in my mind, setting the charge in motion.  Like a rolling wave, my confidence rose and I suddenly embraced a new and different voice - my own. My voice was comfortably intertwined with the One I faithfully hear every morning, noon and night. Wow, the truer victory came when I realized I had my own voice and identity. I finally moved from student to teacher. My coach had poured an immense amount of knowledge into my life. The transition of leadership was moving along for many years but to suddenly hear “it’s time” must have overtaken me somehow because I was surprised. I quickly gathered myself and prayed for a flow of wisdom. Decisions had to be made and firm hands were needed to steer the ship. I felt a still breeze and as promised, I was given wisdom liberally. The decisions were firm but fluid for unexpected turns. The choices came quick, and although a pause was allowed, ripples of staff were waiting on us to decide the event’s fate.  The leaders circle was attentive watching my gestures. I fiddled with my iPhone praying for a solid answer, and then I got it. I weighed it internally, then weighed it among the counsel that I had trusted so many times before. Decisions flowed and adjustments were made with a calm that brightened our spirits. When the evening had settled and the finish line was within our view, we shared a smile with our team. I inwardly saluted my coach for a training well executed. The major victory seemed sudden. But I know my commitment to preparation made this journey victorious. 

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Eugenie Encalarde