Call It What It Is

Sometimes you just have to call it what it is. There are some friendships in our lives that can get stagnant. We’re thirsting to bloom but sense a definite fragility in how daily life is chugging along. We want to be with people who align with how we see things today; not in the sentimental past. When we step away from the stale presence of memories long past, we start seeing life differently. In fact, the awkward absence is rejuvenating, giving us more energy to believe in our destiny. We are now remarkably hopeful about where we’re going. We inwardly feel there’s more for us peeking around the corner. Personally I think it’s always good when we see our lives half full. Remember, the right voice is so important when you discern a shift in your life. The inward peace from the right voice is an unforgettable feeling. Sometimes a change is rightly what’s needed - - a new place, new scenery, new job, career or new relationship. And you’re ready to just call it what it is.

Now what? After you call it what it is; the next step is deciding what you’re going to do about it. Are you going to stay hesitant? Are you going to stay stuck and not choose anything? Or are you going to choose to continue onward? Will you live your authentic life today? It’s your call.

EJ’s Prayer for You Today:

God, Today I choose to call it what it is. I choose to deal with the truth, no matter how ugly it may seem. I choose to do things differently. I choose to set a new goal today I will make tasks and assign those tasks to that prized goal. I will give myself a timetable to complete my goal. I will have a check in date where I will check in and see if I’m keeping the promises I made to myself. I am ready to call it what it is. Yes, I am ready to live life today. It might be sad initially when I think about some of the sentimental changes I am leaving behind because maybe I’ll have to leave long-held relationships behind. It may mean I have to change the physical location that I’m in. It may also mean I’m going to have to put on my ear pods and stay truly committed to myself. All because I now choose to call things like they are. I know that if I don’t, I will carry a weightiness into my future that will continue to fracture my life. Like any fracture, it tends to split larger and more extensively until there’s a break. I don’t want a break from my destiny. I want to be whole. I want my purpose to be solid and in order to do that I have to call it like it is. I choose to live life today with intention. 

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Eugenie Encalarde