Comfort versus Creativity

I do most of my meditating in the comfort of my home. Sometimes outside, but most times inside. Why? I guess because it’s cozy and familiar. There are buffers and familial pictures and scenes of what I’m used to. But sometimes I wonder if thinking in this space truly allows me to step outside my natural inclinations. The same might be true for some of us who prefer sticking comfortably with what we know; whether in personal or workplace circumstances. I’m reminded of a week my husband had where every day he had to do something outside of his normal work routine. It made him extremely cranky for the week. The mood in the house was intense. Toward the end of the week, I felt the peace to share my observations, which he graciously was open to seeing and receiving.  I explained my main point of discussing this with him was not to complain or reprimand the behavior, instead I brought it up because I felt he had an opportunity to learn something about himself. The discomfort in uncomfortable and different surroundings; behaviors can be a useful instrument to invoke creativity. Creativity and innovation comes through pushing away from automatic, comfortable and familiar thoughts, behaviors and sights. Our senses are stretched. Our spirit and emotions are stretched. We must rise to a different “something”. A different thought, vision, mood, position, behavior, or way to press for peace. Resistance can be a good thing. But how unfortunate when resistance causes us to become stagnant and irrelevant. Resistance can leave us missing out on so many opportunities to learn and become something exciting and new. Let’s not miss out on personal and professional growth. Let’s Live Life Today!


EJ’s Prayer for You today:

God, today I will notice discomfort and ask You it’s purpose.  I will sit still and hear the end blow. I decree that although the gate is narrow I will fit as You intended me.  I will yield to His shaping and molding me knowing He is the Potter. The discomfort and marring will be adjusted in my growth because today I declare that I will be shaped for greatness.  I resist stagnation and embrace creativity and innovation. I Accept my Beautiful Life today. 


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Eugenie Encalarde