Charismatic or Chosen

Have you ever seen someone come into a room full of people and light up the space? I’ve been thinking about what we see outwardly and what the truth of the matter is regarding that light. I mean, there are many people that simultaneously have an orchestra going on inside of them when they walk into a room filled with people. Is the orchestra just bells and whistles they create to hide deeper secrets of the heart. For example, have you ever wondered what someone’s motives were when they made a grand statement toward you? Is the statement made in sincere concern or rather out of a curious nature? Is it made to feed gossip intending to encircle another meeting or dinner later that week? What if our truth sincerely wanted to check someone’s heart for joy and freedom? What if our motive was to serve someone and feed them with inclusion and friendship instead of loneliness and isolation? What if we wanted to single-mindedly impart a philos or even agape love that would spill over on (to) their entire week? Where their life would dramatically shift and become aligned with destiny as originally intended? What if? What if charismatic gesturing and words turned into pure expressions of hope; faith, charity and love? What if we realized that our positioning here on this earth is to light up others instead of ourselves? A room is brightened by the life we speak and impart, bringing others to their chosen place in society. What if we realized the orchestra is the collective sound of everyone encouraging one another to take their step of faith?  I’ve seen many charismatic people so filled with pride that the orchestra inside of them overtook the meaningful conversations being held in the room. They walked over gratitude, trampled on humility and elbowed their way through power sharing to grab their entitled seat of accolades. In contrast, truly chosen people stop at the door to see the light of others shining in the room. They smile at the menu list of innovation and delicious conversations that may never be served again. They thirst to sit at the big table of creativity and pass by the reserved seating leaving it for a newcomer to enjoy the fruits of their equally important labor. Charismatic or Chosen? Your reservation and sequence of courses awaits! Start Living Life today!


EJ’s Prayer for You Today:

 I sit at your table today. Oh, what a beautiful spread. Delicacies of peace, goodness, hope, perfect love and gentleness. I decree my life menu will be full of so much favor and grace. The appetizer, and entrée of my journey. I believe each room I walk into today will embrace my light and shine through any situation that tries to cast a shadow of doubt. No doubt. Open path for the choicest of choices. Most important, when I interact with others, my light will permeate their lives and we will both walk away full and content. 


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Eugenie Encalarde