The old becomes new. Old ways, wrong ways, old thoughts, hurtful memories of words spoken in haste, paralyzing actions that cause us to shut down….are changing.

I am changing because of the new choices. I have been provided with options.

My new desires bring on pure images, joyful possibilities that summon a new beginning. Now my daily thoughts have energetic expectations that almost make me giggle. My heart races with the secrets of success in my life soon to be exposed.

I am changing. I look up now and see the provision.

I walk confidently knowing the truth of what I can and will accomplish. I will succeed. I roll up my sleeves and dig in professionally and personally. I will have the tools needed to succeed.

Dusty methods and mindsets have been replaced with a shower of new insight and strategies. I feel the breeze and it’s comforting. The dust of personal ambition is replaced with a wide meadow of growth and collaboration. I have been delivered from old ways of thinking, working and living. I see the provision of guidance and unlock the possibilities of growth that reside inside. I shall enjoy the discovery of my new self. I shall enjoy knowing even the mistakes I made were part of the new opportunities I’m now being given… because I’m ready for the new. I will not be consumed with every detail and nuance of my past because a clear mind is a creative mind. I move it behind me because the new is here.

Provision has arrived. I will open the door to my next journey. I will swing the door open and stand at the threshold of my destiny!

I am ready to take on the change. I will Live Life with provision Today.

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Eugenie Encalarde