Enjoying life should be contagious. I want to associate myself with friends, coworkers and family members that see how fruitful life can be. I want us to be in agreement when we walk in a room, ready to ignite excitement and vibrant smiles to others. I want to be connected to peaceful thoughts; healing relationships that produce a harvest of gratitude and thankfulness.

I want to be connected to creativity and purity of ideas that generate harmony in our daily work productivity. Where the collective group can look around and genuinely see how they are graciously sharing the fruits of their labor - - hope, kindness, patience, joy and love. I want to be connected to that familial group in my career and personal life. I want my clients to see how closely my colleagues and I work together because no matter where we are, others hear the unity in our conversations. The aroma of our project vision exudes inter-generationally. We respect one another’s gifts and can taste and see how bountifully our craft has contributed to the whole. While our characteristics are unique and distinctively impactful, others can tell that we don’t let our creative apples fall far from our collective tree.

I am grateful for the good mentoring connections. I am humbled by the sweetness of peace that resonates at my workplace. We are healed through the work we produce. We heal others with the pure joy that radiates from the atmosphere we’ve cultivated. An orchard that has developed an eclectic harvest through the dedicated planting of our seeds. Seeds of curiosity. Seeds of integrity. Seeds of laughter. Seeds of detail and focus. Seeds of brotherly and sisterly love. An heirloom to behold. 

Look at your connections today. Can you see your core values in the characteristics of your coworkers and company? At the core of your heart, do you see continuity in the goals and objectives of those you’re connected to? Take time to reflect on the actions and behaviors of those around you at work and personally. It’s time to establish your heirloom orchard. 

Live Life peacefully connected Today! 

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