I feel the need to resist today. But it’s a good resistance. Like when you’re exercising and you need resistance tools to build strength. I see a large wave trying to overtake me. I sense it’s the myriad of thoughts and list of activities on my personal and work to do lists. But I’m resisting today. I’m sitting quietly holding my place of stillness because it’s needful. I am using my rest for power to accomplish what I’m accountable for. I resist losing this opportunity of stillness. How? By resisting the internal pressure of thoughts and emotions; and literally speaking, affirming my place and role in what I’m called to be and do in all areas of my life. Yes, it can be uncomfortable not rushing or moving about. But it’s pleasing when I wait in stillness to renew my strength. I must resist and shut off, so I can go for another big wave of what life pulls from me in my professional and personal experiences. 

What are my resistance tools? Well, I have a routine that I try not to make rigid so it allows the Spirit of God to flow freely inwardly giving me the creativity and answers I need to accomplish my daily, weekly or overall project tasks. I submit to the warmth of His comforting presence and resist any mental thought that attempts to distract my spiritual eyes. What are my spiritual eyes? It’s my heart. It’s the central place where the real issues are. It’s the place we resist because it’s where truth lies. When I’m there, I can engage in matters at the office where my core values are being tested or strengthened. I sink into a transparent relationship that cleans the film - - the grey - - off of a situation or circumstance. I resist the desire to reason and let the confidence come from what the stillness produces. Now I’m thinking about how the heart of God sees the situation at work or at home. And then I’m open to how to creatively answer the need and accomplish my role as leader, coach, wife, business owner, mother, friend, etc.

Resistance is my portion. Good resistance for a good beginning. Have you thought about what you can withstand in order to become? Withstanding to unlock greater potential to accomplish your goals? Resisting in order to breakthrough mental barriers that have kept you from achieving a dream? Resist your wave to prevent chaos. How? By developing what’s in your toolbox and sharpening your transformation tools. 

We have to be unwilling to accept behaviors and thoughts that block our growth personally and professionally. Stubborn mindsets and unnecessary power struggles must be resisted in order to focus on strengthening skills needed to progress in the workplace.

Build your resistance so you can see the fractures in your life that need to be repaired. That revelation will be the cornerstone of what you’ve been looking for to transform. Commit to one of my coaching classes in 2019 and Live Life connected Today!

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