New Season

I feel a weightiness to let the work I do stand for transformation.

Like you, I am here to create relationships at work and personally that enhance my life and the daily lives of others. Planning for the next 3 years is important but if I don’t have singleness of vision in my heart, genuinely knowing why I’m here; if my eyes don’t truly see how important an impact I have; if I am not loyal and devoted to the place where I work and the family I’ve been given - - then what does it really mean to plan for future growth, investment and prosperity? Every day we should watch and see what we’re bringing into our life and the lives of others. 

Your work is meaningful; no matter the task. Your connection to others is powerful; every word and action builds up or tears down. That’s why the flow of your life is determined by who you’re in agreement with and where you’re established. You matter! Let the weightiness of the work you do reveal the texture of the boundaries you possess in this new season. The texture of your boundaries are your skill sets, abilities, core values, and the direct impact those powerful gifts have on others. Allow the revelation of the works of your hand to speak to your heart so you can truthfully determine whether you are ready to possess the plan you desire. Your plan is your destiny. What is your destiny linked to? Who is your destiny aligned with? 

Is it wrong for me to ask God to break apart and nullify actions that I should not be a part of because it doesn’t align with my destiny? Is it wrong to ask him to frustrate circumstances that I should not accomplish because it doesn’t align with my journey’s purpose? I believe it takes special faith to allow someone greater than yourself to feed you. I want to be fed purely and well so I can share my feast with others...with you.

Life at work is transforming. Let the work we do stand for transformation. Use it to help your coworkers be better prepared for their future. Use your abilities to help them become purely directed into their desired future. Come into the fullness of the work you do in the earth. You matter! What are you supposed to do with the knowledge you have been given? What mental and spiritual exercises are you physically doing right now to understand the previous question more clearly and more fully? My question about the knowledge you’ve been given relates to any generation you’re standing in right now - - whether you’re a college studies student, high potential job laborer, aspiring career shaker, seasoned executive, or momentary transition dweller. Look out with your mind’s eye and tell me what you see? 

Let the weightiness of the work we do sound a trumpet in our heart. Today yield and stand for transformation. Look up and allow destiny’s circumstances, people placed in your life, your inner voice, day dreams and night visions to push you to the next level of transformation. Transform your thinking of how and where you work. Be a healer with the work you do! 

I look forward to helping you better understand the texture of the boundaries you possess in this new season with my upcoming coaching classes and videos. 

Be transformed Living Life Today!

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Eugenie Encalarde