Bring It

I am reminded this morning that we are what we desire. The light that we’re looking for must first shine within us. We are accountable for the atmosphere we occupy. Yes we are. Whether it’s home, work or relaxing, when we shine with all the greatness that is truly within us, we occupy the atmosphere.

It’s time for you to bring it! Bring the joy to your home. Bring the peace to your workplace. Bring the righteousness to your social circle. You are the joy. You are the peace. You are the righteousness. It’s YOUR TIME to bring it!

Personally, there have been some stressful times this year when I wasn’t sure how I was going to get out the muck of the work season. It was thick with worry and concern. There were opportunities to give up and get bitter. But I knew the trek would eventually be over and I would look up and see the sunshine of productive days ahead. I knew that faith in God was the only thing keeping me from having a divided heart and mind. My emotions had to be squashed because the vision of prosperity was brighter. Prosperity of loyalty, commitment, friendships, family and work relationships that can withstand past disappointments. That was what kept me strong. Yes and yes, adversity can be a very uncomfortable season but I believe it shows us the things we must deal with inwardly. Like when I broke my toe around this time last year. When that 50lb desk fell on my toe, the words that were immediately produced and vocalized described some inward realities I had to deal with. (Trust me, there was no “happy” song flowing from my lips…smile). But the level of calm and presence of mind that resulted immediately after that pain, and the strength to continue the task and finish the work amidst the throbbing and swelling, showed me the values of excellence and dedication that resided within and had been instilled from my mentors and coaches.

I’m reminded we must bring the joy, peace and righteousness wherever we go, through whatever circumstance, and no matter the sudden affliction. Our goal is to beautify the place we are positioned in and shine our light. Look all around and see - - We are the possibilities and opportunities! We bring it everywhere the soles of our feet have been called to cover and impact.

Let your light be seen upon you. Build up your skills to impact the workplace; mentor the next generation of creative geniuses; open your mind and heart continually and don’t shut off the joy, peace and righteousness you can bring to your personal and professional circle.

Let’s Bring it, my friend and Live Life Today!

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Eugenie Encalarde