Floating Feather

There’s a unique peace that comes to me in the quiet morning. I dive into the moment of stillness today. 

I see a white feather floating. I see the words Gentle, lightly reposition me. I imagine I am that feather.  

Turn me around ever so gentle.  Let me connect to this pure and righteous existence, gently transient in a merciful moment of knowing I am being repositioned for significant milestones.  While floating in the expanse of possibilities, I turn my heart stretching ever so gentle to capture the depth of love meant for me to receive and give out.  The repositioning and widening of my heart feels peaceful yet powerful.  As I float, I feel an overwhelming sense of love moving me into my destiny.  I am committed to receive all the wondrous surprises of my next season as I gently move -  lighter than air - into my next journey. Buoyant blessings faithfully align with me into this new season. The season has a new and enlarged boundary where I’ll take on different layered tasks unfolding as the year progresses. I’m taking it all in; inhaling a fresh start. Ready to dance into the next chapter of my life. I am grateful for this morning vision to see the gentle repositioning taking place.

Take the time to be still and imagine your gentle feather floating. Be repositioned in your time of stillness and you will land safely.

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Eugenie Encalarde